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Susan Sparks
Laura, I've been reading about your incredible adventures. You are such an inspiration! I send many prayers and blessings for your journey! Susan Sparks, New York, NY
Good luck with your new challenges! Never stop dreaming... :-) Cheers, j.
Hi Laura and Daniel, very deep thoughts again by you, which we have received also during your journey, Laura. Even now, they are deeper reflected in my opinion. The "requirement specification" (you call it like this in engineering) of your new boat is really challenging and a ready made boat does not exist even. So your own construction and also own manufacturing is the only way out. Good luck for all of you! Rudi
Dear Laura and Daniel, about the market of used ships ect. I have no idea. In general I hold your plan for aspiring. A further thought: Assurances; for the ship, and for you both a legal protection insurance. (It´s a fact, that to claim compensation for damages for some people is a business, whether they have any right or not.) – For the kids it will be great, to act under your commando. But I guess, sometimes you will need strong nerves LOL. – Best to you and yours! Georg
Johannes N.K
Hi Laura I'm so happy to see you guys are doing great and are thinking about helping young people acquire your skills and life lessons (: love
Hey Laura, I've been following your blog for, I guess, 3 years now. Like many I've ran across your story over the documentary Maidentrip, for which I get the feeling you're not the biggest fan of but what can you do. Anyhow, I can't remember a pause this long on your blog in a while (4 months and a change now). I wonder about what's new, what you've been up to, how's Guppy holding on and stuff like that. I'm wondering if the Patagonia/Chile plans are looking to pan out or they're still on hold (for a new boat I suppose). I thought about sending an email but decided this was better. Wish you all the best from the Mediterranean pond, D.
How lovely and how free the ways of the sea! I saw your documentary and it reminded me of my childhood and early teenage years,on a Greek island siting in-front my fathers fishing boat with my feet into the Aegean waters and not a worry in the world. So much have hanged since than. I'm living in the Netherlands now. Can i ask something crazy? if you ever sail to Greece can you please take me with you? :P Smooth sails. Eva.
Alex Gobato
Hey, Laura! i've just watched the Maidentrip movie. What amazing journey! It was very inspiring to see your dream coming true, your determination and courage. Congrats from Brazil. Keep sailing and dreaming. Say hello to your family!
Hi Laura, I'm so glad I just know someone who followed her dream. What you did was extraordinary awesome.excitedly happy for you.
Juan Alberto
Amazing what you did a few years ago, and the courage you showed. I suppose you must have some memories of your stay here in the Canary Islands!

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