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After seeing only water for four days I spotted land this morning. Unfortunately
I could see the land earlier on my radar but not by looking out because of poor
visibility. Happily it got better around midday when all clouds cleared away
and conditions turned to nice and warm sunshine.
Now I lie in the Canary Islands with the first leg of my journey behind me. It
was a great first leg and I can look back at it with a good feeling. Sleeping,
eating, navigating and all other things onboard went well for me, and with the
weather improving I got into my rhythm more and more each day.
For now I will stay where I am with a view on the shore, but with this fine
weather and this wonderful view it will be all fine.
I am sorry that the English version of my site was not updated and that my
blogs were sometimes short with only a little information. But I could not quite
keep everything going perfectly while at sea. I will now try and get it fixed.



at sea

170 nautical miles to go until the Canary Islands. Guppy sails great. With only two sails
up, the Genoa and the storm jib, we are doing 6 knots. Yesterday Guppy was rolling
pretty much with the wind coming from behind. I got a little bit seasick. But today I found
my rhythm after being at sea for four days now, I feel fine and the macaroni has a better
taste. From time to time I can see a sailboat in the distance. Actually one sailboat came
to my encounter, a very special experience to have at at sea! Dolphins come by
periodically to see if all goes well with me.




I'm already two days on route and I am enjoying the calmness and the peaceful
vastness around me. At this moment there is a good wind after a day with just a light
wind when I had to use the engine. I got a little seasick because Guppy was rolling.
Happily, I am better now. I sailed more than half the way of my first leg. It is going well.



Start solo

Start of my solo voyage
Finally I departed from Gibraltar for my solo voyage. Just one day after reaching
Portimao I was constantly followed by the press and the tourists. All day there were lots
of people coming over at the pier. And everyone had to take photos! I found all this
really annoying. Guppy had to be tested with the newly installed equipment.
So I decided to sail for Gibraltar in the hope I would find some tranquility. I went for a
visit of the Rock of Gibraltar. The monkeys that live there even climbed inside the car. I
found the old bunkers upon the rock very interesting.
On Saturday morning, August 21st, my father undid the mooring cables and I finally
sailed away solo!


Marina Portimao

The last few days were so busy that I had no time left to write my blog.
On the first day ashore we desalted the whole boat and we had to use three full washing
machines for the laundry! Everything had become totally drenched in salt on the first few
days coming south, the boat being more often under than above water.
My dad's toe is now somewhat better.
Obviously we have some small things to fix on the boat. We have the new chart plotter
and radar by Seiwa installed and even the new radio is already connected.
The weather is beautiful here so now I can shed the anorak I wore on my way down to
Portugal, it just wasn't warm enough to go without. Now a t-shirt and shorts are just


Every thing is going well


Hello everyone!
We are doing great here, sailing under full sails and going at nearly 9 knots. We are
halfway along Portugal in line with Figueira da Foz.
Oh yes, my dad is causing trouble again, he has a broken toe. He is asleep now though
he still hurts . He just can't be left alone, so I am taking good care of him (haha)!
Soon I will do the cooking again.
Peter tells me that many new things are happening in the Netherlands. That is great to
There are more and more dolphins and that is really super cool to see, and the water is
such a beautiful blue!
We are heading South at 181 degrees, the distance traveled is 704 nautical miles, the
weather is nice with a good breeze.




Too bad that we had to turn off the guestbook on my website because annoying people
were writing weird things.
I am doing really well and dad is feeling hungry, he eats all my provisions: chips, nuts,
cookies, cola, chocolate. Nothing is safe!
We had problems yesterday with the salt water pump and the new GPS / radar has
glitches, and at times many functions fail to work.It made for difficult navigation in the fog
because you need to be extra careful without radar. Fortunately, Peter will come to
Portugal with replacement material.
There is not much to see or to do but the weather is very nice here.I cooked potatoes
with brown beans and tomato soup. So It is quiet again and I have had time for my
school books and to do a timetable. I also began reading a book.
This morning I baked fresh bread rolls and later I saw dolphins again and a shark.
We are already in northern Spain (Cape Finisterre). All sails are up now, the two
foresails, the mainsail and the bezan sail. With the wind at only 2-3 Beaufort, we still are
going at a speed of almost 6 knots.
More later.


yeah dolfins


"Joepie" dolphins!
August 9, 2010
What a great day today! We still have had nice weather and I saw dolphins,
and a whale which was really cool to see.
We are moving along and we have now travelled over half the Bay of Biscay.
With 685 nautical miles behind us we are heading 235 degrees at a speed of
3 knots.


Beautiful weather


Finally nice weather
We are moving ahead and are now crossing into the Bay of Biscay.
Finally the weather is nice and there is sunshine with almost no wind. We have hoisted thespinnaker and are running at a top speed of 1.9 knots ( haha! ).
The sea is a beautiful blue and I cooked pasta for dad that he found very tasty.
I am also happy about the greetings my grandparents sent me. They tell me that Spot is doing fine. And I have done all of my schoolwork.
We have now traveled 526 nautical miles and our heading is 190 degrees.
Bye, Laura


Radio cd player defect


Hello everybody, everything is going well except for the radio that
unfortunately broke down, and Guppy looks more like a submarine than a
sailboat for all the water coming over boards.
It´s remarkable how much garbage from pollution there is on our route and
how many old pieces of fishing nets there are and that we have to check for
as I learnt during my last trip to England.
We are sailing under main sail with the engine running too. We are heading
SW 249 degrees at a speed of 5,9 knots with winds from the SW at 4-5 on the
Beaufort scale.
The weather is not perfect with much rain and it´s especially cold at night. The
current temperature is 18 degrees Celsius (64 degrees Fahrenheit).
We have already traveled 387 nautical miles and we are right in the middle of
the English Channel between Plymouth in England and Saint-Pol-de-Léon in


On route to Portugal


After all the fuss and attention of departure day, we are finally en route to Portugal.
During this trip my father is with me so that we can extensively test the boat
before the big adventure begins. Peter is taking care of my affairs back in the

Photo: Me with my team just before my departure from Den Osse.
The sailing is very good, with winds from the South-West which means that
we have to tack often. Guppy is laying on its side up to gunwales so I'm very
happy and enjoy the calm and the sea. We are now close by Toulaville,
France, and heading W 286 degrees at a speed of 7 knots with winds from
the SW at 5 bft on the Beaufort scale. I'm very happy I finally am on my way.



Error in the media.
Some media are reporting that my sailboat was built by Peter Klarenbeek, that is not exact.
Peter and my father worked on my 33 years old boat to be ready for my world tour. But it is so
well refitted and refreshed that it does look like new!



We are still on a roll checking out everything. And I have cleaned the whole
boat ( tools still layed around everywhere from their last use at fixing things).
Now that everything is really clean, I am ready to start on my journey.
I have made the most of the last days and said goodbye to my family and my
Depature time is getting closer and I just can't wait to sail away!


It's so great that I can oficially set sail and that will be on Wednesday, August
4 at 9:00 AM.
Finally I sail away at sea, in the company of my father for the trip to
The date of departure from Portugal is not yet known. But I will keep you
On the picture you can see my schoolbooks that are all ready for my journey.



Hello everybody,

I have some great news, most of you will already have seen or read about it in
the media.
I got the official permission to sail. The supervision is cancelled!
After a one year "battle" I am allowed to go!! This is so great!!
My father will sail with me during the journey to Portugal for final testing of my
boat and eventually some final improvements. Then "Guppy" will be reliable
and prepared for me to sail singlehanded.
The official starting point of my journey will be in Portugal. To get there is not
a problem because of the help of many people and this time my father will
accompany me.
On the way I will continuously write reports in my blog.



25 July 2010

For the past few days we were extremely busy working on the boat. It´s
normal with boats that work will never be finished completely. But now we are
working on the very last things to prepare "Guppy" for her and of course my
great journey.
The new sails, including a beautiful colored half-winder, are in place. Maybe
you already guessed it: the half-winder is mostly red. I also have a sun
canopy which will be very important when in the tropics. Even with the
present weather it´s nice to find some shadow.
On Tuesday there will be another ruling by the Court. I´m curious and I also
have some hope this time. In the opinion of Jeugdzorg I did my very best to
meet all the conditions set up by the Court and I did everything well.
Jeugdzorg asked the Court for cancelling the supervision over me
But the Kinderbescherming holds that for mental reasons I won´t be able to
survive my journey. This is so odd because in the past year I had to take a
psychological examination which came to the conclusion that I am able to
survive. I´m one year older now but no longer able to survive? They asked for
an extension of the supervision for another 12 months of time anyway. If the
judges are a tiny bit objective they will cancel the supervision. But during the
past year I experienced so much that I wouldn´t be surprised if they came up
with something new again. I know, this may sound a little strange.
If everything works out I will be able to start on my voyage and sail to Portugal
within the next two weeks. And to continue sailing from there.
I´m looking forward to it!!


[NT: in the Netherlands the Youth Welfare Department is divided into two
independent organisations. Stichting Bureau Jeugdzorg, Youth welfare, and
Raad voor de Kinderbescherming, Council for childprotection]


The solar-panel frame is mounted! It fits on "Guppy" really well and
it makes for a very nice cockpit. Now we can finish installing the
windvane. The solar-panels are already in place and connected.
For the past two days I was busy completing a course in survival
skills at Falck Nutec in the Maasvlakte whic is part of the industrial
area of the city of Rotterdam. In a special swimmingpool where it is
possible to simulate waves, wind and rain I was trained in handling
a life raft. I also practiced with a number of emergency signals,
smoke signals and hand flares for example. After that I learned
how to put out some fires.
I was also taught some additional skills in first aid; things like
giving yourself an injection and how to suture wounds.
At the end of the course I was allowed to join another group for a
freefall-lifeboats exercise that they gave there at the same time.
Although it is not necessary for my journey this experience was
really nice.
Today was my last day at school and I picked up my school report.
After that I put the new seats and bunks cushions into my boat.
The covers of those cushions were a little old-fashioned but now
they are of a beautiful red color. Before you ask: Yes, red is my
favourite color. That´s the reason why my boat and now the
cushions are red. And I really find it great!
Now that it is the summerbreak I can spent my whole days with
"Guppy" and I´m really eager for starting on my voyage.



In the past days we were very busy replacing the rigging of the masts. I
climbed up and down so often that now I know each square centimetre of
the mast.
We replaced the whole staying of the boat and changed some other things,
too. We set the forestay a little more to astern otherwise there would be
problems with the Genoa-sail when doing a tack. Due to the forestay I
had also problems with getting acess to the anchor compartment.
We also added a diamond shaped rigging. When I will use the stormfoksail
this rigging will keep most of the tension away from the mast. Up
to now there were only the backstays for this purpose. But if those get
damaged in a storm I might loose the whole mast. That´s what I want to
With help from an aluminium-manufacturer I was working on the targa
frame for the solar-panels that will be placed at the boat´s stern.
Tomorrow it will be mounted. We now finish some little things and look
towards the coming lawsuit.



Court transcripts untrue!

After waiting for half a year we finally received the transcripts from the
hearings of October and December after our lawyer tried over and over
again to get access to them. We wanted those transcripts because this
lawsuit was the only one that went in an honest way and we expected that
the real testimonies would be in these transcripts. By the way: those
transcripts should have been in the possession of our lawyer within one
week after the ruling. As we did not get the transcripts, our lawyer
informed them that he would ask for an injunction. A week later we got
the transcripts but they are not trustworthy. My father, myself and our
lawyer know what we have said but the records don´t show that.
Statements that were originally made by the judge were recorded as
statements by Jeugdzorg and other statements by the judge were left out.
And statements by us were changed in a way that no one can really figure
out what really was said. This was the only lawsuit that went in an honest
way but in a way that changed. We have evidence for this because the
transcript does not reflect the court´s ruling! There were tangible
conditions layed down during the hearing that I had to meet to be allowed
to start on my voyage. I have met those but now due to untrue transcripts
they can come up with new conditions. That is what I call corruption!



Today "Guppy" was lifted out of the water to replace the locked three
blade propeller of the auxilliary engine with a two bladed one.
And of course there was a general checkup. I could remove the
remaining parts of the fishing-net out of the propeller. It´s much
more easy than trying this in the water. At the end of the day "Guppy"
was put back into the water again with a brand new shining propeller.



The lawsuit

The lawsuit.
There were again three judges and two secretaries necessary for the
hearing about my case. It seems that it is very difficult to get a
decision. I have even more than met all the conditions set up by the
court of Utrecht so I should be allowed to start my journey. But it
seems that everyone is afrait of being held responsible.
Today the weather is not ideal but we are on my boat to fix some little
things. And I also got a clothing from a sponsor with my name on its



Last weekend I sailed solo to England with "Guppy". On Friday at noon,
directly after school, I sailed to the Roompot-lock and set course to
England. On the first part of the trip I had the currents from astern but
some wind from ahead which caused a lot of swell. But "Guppy"
managed the waves very well. On the open sea I set the main-sail. The
wind was still coming from ahead and so I kept the engine running
while fixing the main-sail at midships position. When night came there
was also a good wind coming and I also set the Besan-sail. And in the
morning I even could roll out the Genoa-sail which took us to a speed
of 7,1 knots!!
Saturday around midday I sailed into Lowestoft harbour. I moored
the boat at the marina. There were also some people who recognized
me at once. And we had a nice chat, too.
Sunday morning I got up at 5 am, when it was daylight and not much
wind. I knew that the wind would change its direction more head on,
so I decided the earlier I would leave the more I could sail. And at one
time there was enough wind for wonderfully sailing. With all the sails
set "Guppy" was running at 7 knots. That was great. I stood at the bow
to stare at the endless seas as a fin rose near my boat. It was a dolphin
swimming next to the boat!! I have nerver seen one in the north sea.
Around midday I was in the first big traffic way and the wind changed
its direction so that I could not keep the Genua-sail up any longer.
After a while the course that I had to sail was against the wind so I
decided to start up the engine. When I was in the middle of the traffic
way the engine suddenly stopped. I checked the engine but could not
see any defect. I ran to the swimming platform and found a big fishing
net around the propeller. Why not later? In the middle of the trafficway.
Why could this not happen later. I tried to start up the auxilliaryengine
because just by sailing I could not get out of the shipping-way.
But after a few seconds the fishing-net was wrapped around the
propeller of the auxilliary-engine, too. There was only one thing left to
do: swimming. Without loosing time I put on my wetsuit and secured
my lifeline I went into the water and tried to cut off the fishing-net
with a sharp knife. It was not so easy but I managed to get the net off
the auxilliary-engine´s propeller and most of it off the main-engine´s
propeller. Now I could leave the traffic-way of the "Big-Boys"with only
the auxilliary-engine running. There was not enough wind, otherwise I
could have moved out of there just by sailing. After some hours and
having left the traffic-way and also warmed up I again decided to go
into the water since it was still daylight. After a one hour battle the net
won so I would have to keep running on the auxillary-engine alone. I
managed to cut off the remaining parts of the net that it could not
reach the propeller of the auxilliary-engine again.
Later as I planned I reached the Roompot-lock. I sailed in the lock and
at 5 am I was in my berth.
There was not much time for sleeping because I had to attend the
hearing in court. Jeugdzorg [Youth Welfare Department] changed its
request for extending the supervision over me from one month to two
month. The courts decision will be proclaimed on Thursday. I don´t
get it why they asked for an extension. With my solo-sailingtrip to
England and all the other things i did in the last half year I met all the
conditions set up by the court of Utrecht. I met them.



Of course I followed the news about Abby and I´m feeling for her. She
already had a major setback due to the broken autopilot and now her
boat is dismasted. Fortunately nothing serious happened to her. I that
Abby can collect enough money to recover her boat or that someone
will save her boat. I can really imagine really well how she must have
felt when she had to leave her boat behind.



The main-engine is installed!!
Last Monday a brand new Volvo engine of 40 hp was lifted on board of
my "Guppy" and Thursday we did the first test at sea. That was
exciting. At "all ahead full" the boat is running 7,5 knots, with both
engines it goes up to 8 knots. It´s like a raceboat. Of course it´s a
sailboat but nevertheless a good engine is very important.
And I heard from the media that there will be a hearing at 14 June but
up to now I did not receive an official invitation for it. I knew that there
was a request for extension of the supervision but I did not know
when it would be.



On Friday I was at Knevel & van den Brink [talkshow]. This was an
extraordinary experience. Again something else. But I much prefer
sailing alone.
I have finished my first-aid-course.
Yesterday I also did an extra course at "Rescue" that they gave just for
me. This was necessary and I learned a lot.
Today I also went sailing. During sailing the wind increased and the
boat was laying on its side. But it sailed very well. I have set the
Genua-sail and the main-sail. When the wind increased even more I
decided to pull down the Genoa-sail. Suddenly I heared a bang. The
eye of the rear part of the mainsail had busted. I could reef the mainsail
and continue sailing with the fock-sail. I decided to take down the
main-sail. With only the fock-sail I sailed with this strong wind back to
the harbour. In short: It was a wonderful day of sailing. It is not that
bad that the main sail ripped apart, it was old anyway. The new sails
are nearly ready.



I am happily working on my boat, Now it finally starts looking good especially while we get a bit of sunshine as well. The halyards have been installed and I pumped up the fenders.
You know I also discovered that you can see the shallow places of the Grevelingen very well from the the top of Guppy's mast. I climbed up both of her masts for inspection and took my camera with me so I can show you a few pictures taken from the top of Guppy's mast.
Today Jessica Watson arrived back home in Sydney. Welcome home Jessica. A lot of people say that she did not make the record as she did not sail enough. But it is not about the amount of miles you made. According to The Guinness book of records you must have passed all meridians as well as the equator and as far as I know Jessica did this. Anyway she sailed non-stop around the world and this is an enormous achievement already. When I would have left last summer I could have been in Sydney by now and could have welcomed her with all the other thousands of people.
I go on summer camp with my school class now. That means a whole week no sailing! Means I have a lot to catch up when I am back.



Yesterday I made a lovely sailing trip. Guppy sails fantastic. She is really fast! It is a petty I can't take her to sea yet. She is so fast that is fact he Grevelingen is a bit too small.



Sunday my boat was launched and of course baptized. The weather was very bad, lots of wind and rain, but still some people apparently did not care and came out to watch the launching.
Afterwards we celebrated on Guppy with a couple of acquaintances and friends. She is now happily alongside the ship we are living on. From the porthole in the living room I can look at her all the time. In the water she even looks better than before, obviously as this is the place where boats should be. New valves were placed and lucky enough they all seem to be watertight. Also the new shaft and rudder prove to be installed watertight. Yesterday I collected the new halyards and my dinghy, both sponsored. The weather was not really encouraging to work on the boat. Today there is a lot of wind as well, but lucky the sun came out too. A good day to test my new outboard en dinghy. Unfortunately I can still not try out Guppy as the main engine is not installed yet. The gear coupling was tested and proved to be malfunctioning so it has to be overhauled now. Guppy sails fine on the 2nd engine but with so much wind I don't think it is a good idea to move a 12.50 meter yacht with an auxiliary engine of 10 hp only.



Sunday my yacht will be launched!!

Sunday my yacht will be launched!! Finally she will go into the water. The Guppy, specially designed for me, is fixed to the boat, as well as a black striping. All other small things have been finished too. Sunday at 14.00 hrs she will be launched in Den Osse. I am having holiday now and am looking forward to make my first trips.
Yesterday I picked up another yacht at Loosdrecht to bring it to Zeeland. This proved to be a trip with obstacles. Right at the beginning the engine refused to go into the reverse. Lucky enough I had to go forward and this was still working. This made it a difficult job mooring up in the locks, but off course this is all good exercising. When I finally reached the Krammerlocks the engine refused to start up again. After a few more tries only smoke came out. What to do now? I try to start by hand and succeeded, enabling me to do the last part of the trip. Lucky enough it was a very old fashioned diesel which you can still start by hand.
This is one of the reasons Guppy has 2 engines, that a least solves this problem.



This weekend a lot has happened. We have put a black stripe on the cabin and stripes on the waterline. I did the antifouling my self including my face and have black dots all over now!
It looks like the skeg made by Nimbus has always been there before!! The weekend became really excellent when I was told that there will be a new engine for my yacht. Sunday the old engine has already been taken out. We are now fixing the base plate, so the new engine can be installed. I hope the yacht can be launched next week and the name will be fixed on it as well. A very beautiful guppy has been designed which will be on the bow of the boat in large. Than she will be ready to dive into the silt. I will also pick up my dingy soon so I can practices with my brand new Mercury outboard.
It is a pity the media make it look as if Abby has stopped her round the world trip. However Abby continues the world tour but only no longer non-stop. Now she is doing the same as I have planned. I will have to work hard to still be able to break the record.



Finally calm weather. We finished to paint the hull. Only the stripes and the Guppy still to be attached. Also the deck has been painted completely again. She looks like new!! Today I finished my first aid course and passed!! Also this weekend I was able to make a nice sail trip again, although with another boat. Since Guppy is still ashore. But it’s getting closer! I’m so much looking forward to sail with Guppy. Meanwhile I met all the demands of the Court of Law and put it in writing. What a job! Many of these items have nothing to do with my trip at all! 



Our appeal has been finished again. Now it is waiting for the decision of the Court. I would love it when this supervision is finished and I can finally concentrate 100% on my schoolwork and my journey. The boat meanwhile got four layers of paint. Normally this should be enough, but the old colour still shines trough. That off course has to do with the colour we are putting on.
I’m getting used to do my homework on board. So I can enjoy being on my boat and also finish my homework in the same time. In between I started grinding the deck as I want to have this painted as well.
Between the sailing and working I do games on the sail simulator 2010. It is a beautiful design but also very strange to sail in this way, behind the computer.



The first layers of paint are on her hull. The yacht is screaming red. All the other boats I had before, except my Optimist, were white, which I the reason I wanted to change. But it really looks nice.

I hope the weather improves soon, so we can also put the other layers of paint on. The new rudder has been installed as well. We only have to make a new tiller and an extra steering option.

We have installed a generator which can also be used as spare engine, in case the main engine gives up. In this way I will always be able to reach a safe port.


This weekend I had to do a boat delivery, which I do more often. This time to Friesland in the north of the Netherlands. Unfortunately on Saturday I had lots of rain, so I arrived soaking wet in the dark in Lelystad. Of course the next day I was fighting against the wind. But that is all part of the game. My telephone did not like our wet climate and when I dropped it into our IJsselmeer It was the end of it. Sunday it was colder which it is the reason I really look forward to go to warmer area’s as I hate the cold.
Lucky enough in Holland temperature is rising a little bit now. I do not cycle through 2ft of snow anymore to school. Hopefully we now can also put the last layer of paint on guppy also soon.

I started my first aid course thru the internet and collected my new solar panels.


It is getting warmer!

Yesterday, we ordered the paint for Guppy. At these times it is not so nice to have a big yacht because you need at least 10 cans. And that is only the red paint! We hope we can paint next week because at the moment she looks a bit dull with her sanded hull.
At the inside I also started sanding as a lot has to be repainted. At the moment it is an enormous mess, but that is always the case before it becomes nice. The new rudder is also almost finished. We only have to make new bearings and than it can be installed.
I got used to my new life in Zeeland already. It is a lot more quite here compared to the centre of our country, where I lived before, but I like this.
The sponsoring is doing very well too. Recently I got a whole set of new sails from Zwaan sails. I’m really happy with this. The sails belonging to the boat where not of such a good quality anymore. Rien de Wolf sponsored me a brand new dinghy and Mercury a small outboard engine to join it.

Of course I’m also still busy with the points of the court of law. The judges ordered me to follow a first aid course. From an organisation called “iedereen EHBO” (everybody first aid) I received a first aid course sponsored which learns me how to help my self in case of an accident. They had to write a special program for this because normally you only do this course enabling you to help somebody else and not yourself.





 Ik ga mijn weblog maar eens bijhouden, nu er weer wat gebeurd.
Ik heb gemerkt dat ik nog steeds niet uit het nieuws verdwenen ben.
Sta je gewoon ergens te wachten, loopt er iemand met een krant langs.
En ja hoor het kan niet missen, “Laura Dekker verhuist naar zeeland” staat er.
Eerst dacht ik ik zal het wel niet goed gezien hebben. Maar toen ik later die krant zag ging ik toch even kijken. En het stond er echt. Ik kwam er achter dat het niet de enige krant was waar het in stond.
Maar goed mijn leven gaat gewoon door en ik laat het maar langs me heen gaan.
Nu mijn woordvoerder zelf op reis gaat, zal ik zelf wel weer iets voor de media moeten doen.

Vorige week zondag ben ik naar de hiswa geweest, daar was ik al een tijd niet meer geweest.
Het was erg leuk om er weer eens te zijn .ik heb ook met een hoop bedrijven gepraat over mijn sponsoring.
Verder ben ik natuurlijk erg druk met mijn boot. Hij is helemaal kaal geschuurd, en ik ben van plan om de boot rood te schilderen.
Voor op de boot komt een grote guppy (ps. ik zoek nog iemand die een mooie wil ontwerpen)
Ik heb besloten dat de boot toch maar weer guppy gaat heten.
Nu is de boot niet meer echt een guppy,maar ik wil toch graag met een guppy de wereld rond, alleen is ie nu wat groter.
verder zijn we een nieuw roer aan het maken,voor een betere balans van de boot.
Ik hoop dat hij over een paar weken in het water kan,en hopelijk word het dan beter weer en kan ik er lekker mee gaan zeilen.



In het vorige nieuws schreef ik dat ik op zoek ben naar een nieuwe boot. Ik kan nu met zeer veel vreugde melden dat ik een andere boot gekregen heb om te gebruiken voor mijn reis. Ik ga nu de wereld rond met een jeaneau gin fizz ketch.
De boot is 11.50 meter lang ,dat is wel even wennen vergeleken met de hurley 800, 8.5 meter. Ook het verschil dat deze boot 2 masten heeft in plaats van 1 is wel even wennen. Maar ik heb al wel vaker met een boot van 13.5 meter gezeild en dat beviel me eigenlijk heel goed. En ik ben tenslotte ook op een 2 master geboren. De breedte van deze boot is ook enorm, hij is namelijk 3.76 m breed en maar liefst 1.90 diep.
De boot staat nu nog op de kant maar zodra we het onderwaterschip en de romp opnieuw geverfd hebben ,er een nieuwe roer onder zit en nog een aantal andere kleine werkzaamheden zijn verricht aan het onderwaterschip, is hij klaar om zo het water in te duiken. En dan kan ik er voor de eerste keer mee gaan zeilen.
Ik kan nu nog even geen foto’s op de site zetten maar ik zal binnenkort foto’s van mijn nieuwe aanwinst op de site plaatsen.
Ik ben enorm blij met de boot, Maar natuurlijk is er ook aan deze boot weer een hoop werk,voordat ik ermee weg kan.
Ik ben samen met mijn vader al vol goede moed begonnen met het schuren van de boot,Zo kan ik goed merken dat deze boot wel heel wat groter is. Maar ik zal er wel wat voor over moeten hebben.
Zodra het wat warmer word en het stopt met regenen ga ik gelijk beginnen de boot verder klaar te maken voor mijn wereldreis. Ik zal vanaf nu ook wat meer op mijn site gaan schrijven, En een blog bij gaan houden van de meest recente gebeurtenissen.



Hallo allemaal,

Via dit weblog vertel ik je alles over mijn avonturen. Ik moet wel eerst nog even wachten op de uitspraak van de rechter eind oktober.
Wil je reageren? Dat kan via het gastenboek!

Tot ziens!


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