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The Wolf Family
Interesting story. Found out about your trip while looking up sailing lessons so I could take the family sailing rather than on our pontoon or ski boat. Congratulations!
Francesco Sinibaldi
Therefore a dream... An eternal glimmer while the sound of a blackbird calls the desire of an inner appearance.... Francesco Sinibaldi
Steve Lowman
Hi Laura. I hope the new boat will be in your life soon. love to you and Daniel
WOOHOOOOO!!! SoCal welcomes you with OPEN ARMS GUPPY!!! You will now become an American! What an exciting life you must have. (: I had the HONOR of meeting your previous skipper and now I will be able to meet you...... I HOPE. My life adventure will take me back to SoCal in June for a conference, I will find you my friend. I'm thinking you will love the AWESOMENESS of the great state of California - where I was born. Be strong when you get close as you will probably see the raging wild fires that the Santa Ana winds bring. Take care, be safe and..... Fair winds and following Seas. Peace/Love/Happiness~~ Sevecaa@America
Ida Fuglsang
Hello Laura! Right now i am sitting in my classroom in Denmark. We have a topic about blogs, and our teacher have choosen some of your old blog posts as examples. They are amazing, and we hope that you have a great time. Wish you luck. Greetings from Denmark.
And the Dutch are left empty-handed, with Guppy finding her final destination in the United States. The brave attempt to raise sufficient funds to repatriate Guppy to the Netherlands has failed which only shows that the Dutch have never been able to truly recognize. Good for you that you have found a welcoming home, but what a loss for this small country that could have benefited so much.
Hi Laura and Daniel, a hard time to come for Daniel - to rock you to sleep daily. A help would be, if you both will sleep in a big cradle. Think about it! I hope you have got a reasonable price for Guppy so that you have some stock now for the new boat. Good luck! Rudi
Wow! Guppy is going to be right here in LA where I live. Marina Del Rey is probably where she will be berthed because Lifesail operates out of that marina. That is only about an hour drive away from me! I will have to go see her. You are going to miss the boat but she will be living now in a really nice place. I have been here for most of my life. I might see Guppy over at Catalina Island during the summer months. It is a short 30 mi. sail over there. The place is a great overnight destination for a kids sailing vessel like Guppy will become. ----Rusty
william newton LEE ESQ
I can hear GUPPY now say not that line, this one over here kid. Guppy saying beats hanging out at the docks in NEW Z. O K guppy happy I am happy. beside now Guppy is closer to me. LA I just might move back home. hey kid get those shoes off my deck. keep those kids in line GUPPY and thanks for taking Laura and all of us around the world.
Dear Laura and Guppy, thumbs up! New chapters in your both lives. (Coming across lifesail some time ago, I spontaneously thought: Like Laura´s intentions.) – A little bit poetic: Where ever on this world, same sun, same moon, same stars above you familiar comrades. – Best to you and all sailors! Georg

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