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Dear Laura and Daniel, a further field, where practical education is much more effective than theoretical, is determining of rocks and minerals. Weathered Biotite, Pyrite, Chalcopyrite and native Gold are all looking “golden with metallic lustre”. To describe the differences theoretical is quite complicate. But if one has seen five pieces of each, one has no doubts by a new found rock. - Call of the Ocean and cry from the earth! (LOL) – Best success in all your projects! Georg
Annette Arundel
Hi Laura, I've just finished reading your wonderful book from our Waihi library. It was like I was on the voyage with you. I've only been on friends' yachts, but I love being on the water - don't know about those big open oceans that you sailed on!! I feel very proud for you of your wonderful accomplishhment, and am pleased to call you a fellow NZ'er! God keep you safe and happy. Kindest regards, Annette
Laura~~ "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail" ~~Ralph Waldo Emerson.~~ Thanks for the inspiration my friend(s)~~~ Winter is a bay, time to return the boat/jet skis and pull out the snowmobiles/ the WINTER life!! (: ~~Over the American holiday of Thanksgiving I/family watch a good miniseries you may like. It is called The Polar Sea" -Follows the story of modern day explorers crossing the rapidly deteriorating NorthWest Passage. It is on Netflix. ~~ Im gonna take a guess that you are back down under..... A little bird whispered something in my ear recently... LQQKing forward to GREAT news. Hasta Luego~~ Sevecaa@America
Hi Laura, We have been for 2 weeks on vacation on the canary island (Gran Canaria). When the aircraft crossed the Gibraltar straight I have thought of you and also on Gran Canaria. If I remember right, you have made a stop on Tenerife, the neighbour island. Your Dad's boat is modified to a "hotel" boat - more rooms??? And Spot now already 15 years old - I think it has had a perfect life with you and your Dad. All the best for you all! Rudi
Thomas Giebeler
Hallo Laura, hab gerade dein Buch gelesen und hätte 1000 Fragen. Ich schätze, du bist zu beschäftigt, um mir zu schreiben. Egal, was Du und Deine Guppy geleistet hast ist unvorstellbar. Ich segele auch, hab aber erst mit 14 angefangen auf der Havel, einem Fluss im Land Brandenburg in Deutschland. Später bin ich durch Zufall zum Segeln auf der Ostsee gekommen und heute habe ich eine Pegaz 737, die ich einmal im Jahr auf dem Trailer zur Ostsee zottele (ziehe) um dann dort einen schönen Urlaub zu verbringen. Also meine Segelerfahrungen sind überschaubar, aber ich glaube, dass ich mich in Deine Erlebnisse gut einfühlen kann. Würd`mich freuen, wenn Du Dich mal melden würdest. Thomas Giebeler (67)
Well, it seems Guppy is indeed on her way to California at this very moment. So this is it then? The era of Laura & Guppy coming to an end? It was hanging in the air of course, but still, it hurts a bit to see "The Gup" part with Laura (although it is not confirmed yet). But I'm sure if it's true, Guppy will bring joy and inspiration to all the children sailing with her in the years to come.
william newton LEE ESQ.
food stocking for a trip at sea is very important. laura was very good at it. Having a good store helps a lot. and if you forget something well its only 46 days to the next store. I am sure there were sharks and she saw a whale jump out of the water. yes she had lots of company, birds flying fish ect. Yes lets do it again and do not forget the eggs.
Hi Anais, so far as I know, Laura normally didn´t answer directly to questions in her guestbook. – Yes, Laura saw occasionally sharks. They were no danger for her boat or for her. - Of course Laura has food on her boat, esp. rice and spaghetti. (Of which she preferred the spaghetti.) Guppy has a refrigerator. But Laura turns it off, crossing over the oceans, so the electric energy by her solar panel is enough for her radio equipment, radar, navigation lights ect. – On her website she has many videos, esp. of some presentations she did in the last years. Here are much information about her circumnavigation. – Best to you and yours! Georg
Hello Laura, My name is Anais and I am 7 years old. I wanted to ask you if you saw any sharks during your voyage around the world. Did you have any food in your ship? Thank you, Anais.
I just recently learned of you a few months ago after seeing Maidentrip. It's great, and joyful, to see you living out your dreams. You are an excellent inspiration to many.

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