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Ben M
Thanks for the update and pics Laura. I'm sure Dad appreciates very much the help by you and Daniel. I hope all is going well with you guys. Take care and be safe.
WOOHOO!! I was very pleased to see SPOT!! :) It is ALWAYS GREAT to read your updates but it is SUPER GREAT when you include pictures of yourself!! :)~~ Until our paths cross. Sevecaa@America
william newton LEE ESQ.
Looks like everyones in good health. And the boat is growing and Spot you dog are 105 human years. thanks for keeping up the posts. started putting wood on the fire here in Arizona.
Dear Laura, much thanks for update. – Active, busy people, you and yours. Daniel with ear-protection and dust mask: Safely working, calming to see. (Is Daniel offering his services also for landlubbers renovating their home? (Don´t expect an answer.)) – Impressive photo of Spot. Good dog. (To be honest, I´m a little bit in trouble about dogs. OK, you laugh about me.) – Striking, the rainbow over the marina. – And very nice picture, you next to your father. – Dear Laura, best to you and yours! Georg
Wow, Spot really looks good. I am surprised by his longevity. You didn't provide a full picture of Havørn with her masts standing tall. Maybe she'll test the wind in the spring. Hope her keel is well ballasted. I assume Guppy is all alone in NZ. Her bottom will need attention. Enjoy life.
Thanks for the great pics. Good to see Spot so fit. Great to see your Dad's boat finally turning into a sailboat. I bet that everyone is anxious for that first test sail. I wish I could be there for that....Rusty
Ronald van Erven
Hi Laura, just watched your documentary "Maidentrip" about your journey around the world. It was incredible and inspiring. I grew up in Holland but now live and work in Florida. As a windsurfer I can just imagine the feeling you had to be alone out on the water especially being out on the great big oceans. It must have been an incredible feeling. I am currently planning a trip to New Zealand and Australia and will make it happen! All the best in your future adventures!
Great pictures of sailing the singlehanded with the mini transat, looks like it was great fun. And it must been a throwback to your childhood when you sailed the same waters, I can imagine it felt at once achingly familiar and foreign, after such a long time. Also good luck with the Call of the Ocean trust and finding a boat, hope it will take off. Ps. I'm seeing a lot of #getguppy hash-tags on the facebookpage of Lifesail, is Guppy going to La-La Land? Does anyone know?
Yfke van der schaar
Hoi Laura , Ik doe mijn spreekbeurt over u en zou u me meer over uw reis willen vertellen. dat zou ik heel erg fijn en leuk vinden. Groetjes Yfke Ps. Ik zeil zelf ook
Hi Laura. I am reading your book now after having it for some time. I already know your story by heart having followed it from the very beginning years ago. The book (to me) is more like a study guide on the intricate details of how the amazing voyage succeeded. For any sailor young or old I recommend the book. If you went to sea at a young age on a small sailboat like I did, then the book becomes a treasure. There is so much I can relate to. The sense of freedom that you talk about over and over I also felt. I also kept a daily log book. My voyage was just a year long voyage to Hawaii and back on a 29' sloop but the experience was vivid and marked me for life. It took place in 1974. I used a sextant, compass, and RDF (AM radio) for navigation. --- Rusty

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