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Patrick OConnor
Dear Laura I am your father's age and you have inspired me. From a young age I have loved sailing but I have never had the courage to do what you have done. I have serious health issues now but I still dream about sailing around the world before I die. I want to thank you for your inspiration and the work that you are doing for suicide prevention in NZ. You are a world treasure Laura and your father is a great man! Thank you for everything that you have done. Pat O'Connor
Solomon M Henriques
Thank you for sharing with the world your courage. Remarkable individual....! Aloha
Hi Laura, You have so brave and admirable heart. This is the valuest jewellery in life and this is always enough to make you successful. Congratulations again and again. On the other hand I want to make a suggestion to you. SADUN BORO... He is important sailor for Turkey and the world with his success at 1960s. He had sailed all over the world with his wife and cat most important without GPS or any digital navigational devices. Please see his books, videos etc. Love and Respect. Take care of you. Hilal
Elif Timur
Hi Laura Abla. We very liked your documentary, your dreams realizing. We are a sailor family and would like to host you in Turkey. My dad had many long trips at sea and he also admired your courage and your success while challenging the night, waves and the loneliness. We liked you so much. Please send us a curent photo of you and your boat. Kiss you so much. Ela and Elif.
Carl Faulkner
Laura, I stumbled upon Maidentrip and was surely impressed and envious all at once. As I look at entering the twilight of my lifetime, I am making steps toward realizing my dream of sailing the oceans too. I wish you many happy days of sailing in the years to come.
william newton LEE ESQ.
David Bonin; that is heading the nail on the head.
william newton LEE ESQ.
New Zealand woman in charge now .
Dear Laura, thought about your phrase “Had the honour …”. Maybe, because the constructor and owner of the boat he-self confided it to you? Best to you and all sailors! Georg
David Bonin
Laura, I watched Maidentrip last night. Very impressive. I couldn't help but notice that your trip started with you as a girl -- appearance, maturity and all that stuff -- and finished with you as a woman. The world might be a better place if more young people had the opportunity to face big and real challenges while growing up -- bigger challenges than what to wear today and fitting in at school. May the winds and seas be fair on your future voyages.
Hi Laura, the ratio between boat and mast nearly looks like the ratio on an IMOCA 60. Is this boat also a short keeler? It looks that this boat can really go fast. Did you test the speed possibilities also? Surely a new experience also for an ocean master, this dagger board. On Nov. 5th the Transat Jacques Vabres will start from Le Havre to Bahia do Brasil. All the best! Rudi

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