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william newton LEE ESQ.
Very impressed with the Mini 6.50 Yes very tall mast. Tec today is fantasic . I would never believe that such a small boat could carry so much sail. dagger boards and canting keel are the anwser here and in the north sea.
Dear Laura, much thanks for update. – Looked in online-dictionaries e.c.t.: gennaker? … ah, asymmetric spinnaker. Daggerboard … not sure about German term, but imagine, what it is. Enjoy always to read your blogs. – BTW: The photographer has done a good job. Most romantic: The sailboat in front of the sun. Most impressive: The sailboat approaching full speed ahead. Most dynamic: The sailboat slanting. Most beautiful: You! – Best blesses to you, your honourable husband; and all! Georg
Every year I rewatch the film maidentrip and it's incredibly inspiring. Not to mention reading your blogs. I too stay off social media but I like to read articles and follow people such as yourself to see what kind of adventures you're going on. Anyways thanks for being such an inspiration. Keep on sailing
Just watched the video "Vitamin sea" of you and your very good looking yacht Guppy. Great little video thank you for sharing. Brian
Dear Laura, ‘I've got some bad news for you sunshine ': you are hard, maybe impossible to forget. Your story - read on the blog, then in the book - is like tatoo. One can try to hide it, but can't wash it away, it can be only removed with knife, but that leaves the scar which remains of it even more. It bothers, brings the feeling of guilt for wasting the life so far and still keeping on wasting it... On the other hand, being ‘caught in the crossfire of childhood & stardom' (to quote Pink Floyd again), you passed the test better than you could be expected. No doing any stupid things which I won't mention, only being positive inspiration for others. Another ‘bad news' is, I think the money will find you anyway, sooner or later following the fame. But I'm also confident you'll use it the wise way, for your own and other people's good. It's beginning of my reflections, I'll try to go on with it.
Well Laura and Daniel, it has just happened yesterday when I have met a project manager here at work, whom I also know still from my old company. He has been in the erection department there and he has told me, that they have never understood in this erection department, that I have loved to stay in India. Well, my wife and me we have been simply satisfied, with what we have had over there or anywhere else during my work. And today I am reading your blog about your feeling. Well and time for thinking and most probably you have done also a lot of meditation at sea without knowing that this is meditation, this time you have only at sea, when nobody has any chance to disturb you. Rudi
william newton Lee ESQ.
you found HENK and his squeeze box how wonderful. 6 years since darwin ? seems like a life time ago. You speak with such truth Laura. of times passed. I never did forgive you for taking HENK to that Kava kava party. This is wonderful news.
Dear Laura, much thanks for update, much thanks for nice video. – Also for me, following your circumnavigation by the internet since August 2011, it was a very emotional experience. – As you rightly write, being content with the moment, and setting new goals: wise. – There are memories being a great gift for the rest of life. Seems, your Dutch friend is your soul mate. – Laura, all the best, Gods bless, for you, your likeable husband, and all people, important in your life! Georg
Sounds like you need some time at SEA. It is pretty neat to not have to worry about stuff that will not fit in your Sea bag. Too soon we reach an age where it is too hard, go now and be happy.

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