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Wednesday September 20; congratulations!
Laura, just saw the documentary Maidentrip. I'm Dutch, only reason i write you in English is because i know you prefer ;-) Followed you back in those years, and can only say to you and your dad - f@ck Buro Jeugdzorg (yes, who are they again ? ;-)) and all those trying to drive a wig between you, your father and your dream. Happy to see you did it, and I am totally impressed by how you did it and the documentary Maidentrip you made about it. You Rock !
Alfred Maastricht
Waardering voor het weblog van 9-9-2017!
Hi Laura, so many wise words of such a young person! There would be so much to say, so only one thing here. All people having achieved something extraordinary, have to learn how to handle the media. See also all the international football players. I think, if you talk to them privately, they will all tell similar stories about this subject. Very nice that Daniel and you have had Daniel's family out for a longer sailing trip - on which boat? And all under Captain Laura's command.
Dear Laura, you are a Bodhisattva! Thank you for never loosing faith, for sharing your experience, for beeing honest and true to yourself, for beeing such inspiration and good example for many many people around the world! You are a jewel! Much love and best wishes for your road ahead!
Johannes Typpö
Hi! I fell in love with you while i was watching your great movie. I like your lifestyle and how you thinking about life and how to live. You are a rare special person and i think that i am not the first one who said so :D. You are free and i hope that you will keep going the same way! Best Regards Johannes from Finland
......and a little bit of wisdom from probably my most favorite rock band from "back in the day"~~" The wise man said just walk this way, To the dawn of the light/The wind will blow into your face, As the years pass you by/Hear this voice from deep inside, It's the call of your heart/Close your eyes and your will find, The passage out of the dark/The wise man said just find your place,In the eye of the storm/Seek the roses along the way,Just beware of the thorns/The wise man said just raise your hand, And reach out for the spell/Find the door to the promised land,Just believe in yourself/Hear this voice from deep inside, It's the call of your heart~~=Send me an Angel - by: Scorpions :)
LD, Missed you@ the Great American Solar Eclipse-It was definitely well worth the time and expense. That was my 2nd. My 3rd, I hope, will be in 2019 in YOUR "neck of the woods" :) I will have to own a trusty, seaworthy boat as it is mostly in the South Pacific. If all goes according to plan I will also be there to look for the elusive "Sandy Island"-a few years back it DISAPPEARED and as since been removed from all World maps!!! That's some crazy $hit there!! How dare those dirty rotten lying cheating BASTARDS do such meanness to my HERO!! If they knew anything about you, they would not spread such GARBAGE!! YOU are better then that! Keep your head up and stay strong my friend. Without the sour, the sweet just wouldn't be as SWEET!! ;) Peace and Love sent your way in Europe.
Captain Laura, You are wise beyond your years. I have followed you from the very beginning. You will do well at all you do and those who only value money will never know a victory such as yours. March to your drum and pass up those that would tarnish your goodness.
Good luck!

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