I have been toiling with the idea of selling Guppy for a while now, I have fallen in love with the taiwanese style clippers. And so,.. even though it still really hurts - I would have to sell Guppy. I won't just give her away to anybody though! After all she is my first love and baby and the best boat I could have wished for to do my circumnavigation on. If anybody is interested feel free to e-mail me at media@lauradekker.nl and I will give you some more info on her. 



Guppy is an extended Jeaneau Gin Fizz ketch. Because off this, there is more room for the solar panels and water releases more easily. This also makes her faster then the standard Gin Fizz. Of course the higher and heavier rigging also helps towards better speeds a lot. She sails smoothly under all conditions. 

Guppy underwent many changes for the voyage, like the heavier new rigging, a deeper, bigger and much stronger balance rudder which makes her sailing ability's in heavier seas even better. It also takes away some fear of losing the rudder when hitting something. We also put in more tanks, good sails and spare sails, new bimini, second engine, etc etc, to many to mention all. 


Technical Details of Guppy: 

Length: 12.30 m (original 11.40 m)

Beam : 3.76 m 

draft : 1.90 m

weight : 11 ton

Build in: 1978  

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