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Hi we watched your documentary on netflix last night. Im not a sailor but I found your story really inspiring. We moved from Sweden to NZ two years ago and we love it here too. (My mum is kiwi). Good luck with getting your next boat! From Finn (who is ten)
Ben M
Hi Laura, I sincerely hope you get the required funding/sponsorship to finance your latest adventure. You certainly have the background/experience to undertake such a venture. Your work with young up-coming sailors, the ability to communicate with them, and people generally, and also your concern for the environment must surely hold you in good stead with any potential sponsor, You have shown, beyond doubt, your ablility to sail with competence under the most extreme conditions and to conduct any maintenance when required. Young one's often need guidance and leadership in order to compete and find options to succeed and I believe you have the skills needed to pass that on. Too often we think materialistically and our values are clouded by concepts that aren't conducive to the very environment in which we live. I wish you well in your endeavour Laura and Daniel. Good Luck!! :)
william newton lee ESQ.
I think you are going to need one big iceing area just to keep food cold. two of them 6x6 feet on each side of the hull 6 foot tall you need a real ice making machine. Kids get real hungrey. that should work up to 60 days of food maybe. Or maybe we can just forget the eggs . laura dekker did going accross the indian ocean. and she missed them.
Paul Kinsley
Hi Laura, having caught a youtube video of you recently, I purchased your book and today finished reading it. I am 49 and have only just really taken up sailing and consider myself to be pretty hardy, but to consider sailing from the Solent in the UK to to France (around 70 miles) is quite a task let alone sailing 27000 miles, crossing the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian ocean's. I am truly in ore of your ability, a true inspiration to anyone to aim high. I look forward to following your next venture / ventures. Paul UK
Just started reading your book and its so inspiring. You are a fantastic person, keep doing what you love and stay true to yourself!
Freek Hessels
Hi Laura, I just read about your idea to buy a thea clipper like boat for sailing with youth which sounds very nice to me, you helping youth learning to sail wish you best of luck with it, may be an idea to take mini cats on the trip cause then they can also sail their own boat which helps to learn! Bit inspired by your adventures with the hurley 700 and 800 and the Jenneau ketch, I decided this spring to sail at sea with my kolibri 560 which is an old type of 1964 just 5.5 meter in length build from could molded ply which I restored in 2015, it was a lot work to prepair the boat but we had a nice trip from IJmuiden to Lowestoft. We met even a dolphin which was a very nice experience!
william newton lee ESQ.
you have a very open mind.
Tony Vink
(Eng) Hi Laura, I read your post about the new challenge / adventure. I think it's great and something I hope my kids will consider attending one day too. (boys 10 and 12 yr old) Anyway I saw the picture and type of boat you like and found this one for you: it's only $425000! haha, I'm sure that's not in the budget. Have you considered setsetting up a page. You could create content, lie videos and so achieve some sort of income. Other ideas you could consider is partnering with a willing sponsor company. This might need some research of course and may tie you in to certain conditions (which I think you don't like) but might be worth a try. (NL) Ja ik ben zelf ook van Nederlandse afkomst, en woon thans in Sydney met mijn vrouw en twee jongens. Mijn persoonlijke droom is om een dinghy zijlboot te bowen, een Goat Island Skiff, te leren zeilen en daarna een Ebihen 15 van Fran
Good to hear from you. Your 'New Adventure' is pretty grand. The odds of pulling that off are not good. You and Daniel can do it if you find enough money and find dedicated people to help you. It becomes a business and there are many details to it. Thanks for checking in. It is summer here in California now. I'm getting my boat ready for the cruising season. Alot of work to do on it this year.----Rusty
william newton lee ESQ.
I keep reading your new Adventure over and over. I was hoping for more responence from other posters, summer vac. maybe. guess maybe just keep reading new adventure . like your idias but not the boat. and I like your inside cabin being more open yes. if you find a boat, I got a new chain saw. anyway like the posts from Rudi and Georg. maybe make a movie on guppy and have young people as crew maybe real young kids how young can you teach them?????? many trails here. GUPPY is your way out. USE HER just short time as a real working model for teaching kids maybe even sell her that way.

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