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Laura's Journey  


At 14 Laura started from Gibraltar for her maiden voyage. January 2012 Laura has reached after 27.000 mijl the Island of Sint Maarten to complete her circumnavigation after her departure there from Sint Maarten on January 2011.

Laura is the youngest sailor ever who sailed solo around the globe!

After completing her world voyage, Laura has continued to write her blog while traveling the Pacific Ocean for the second time. Having covered a total of 36,000 nm with her boat Guppy, Laura arrived at 16yo in her birthplace of Whangarei New Zealand on September 2, 2012.

Laura now lives in her birth country New zealand again, doing yacht deliveries, got her captains license and gives presentations about her journey.

Notice to all:

My Facebook account is @lauradekkercalloftheocean I do not have a Twitter account, the only two official pages are this webpage, which is www.lauradekker.nl  &  www.lauradekkerworldsailingfoundation.com


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       The book: 

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Available in Dutch; Laura Dekker Een meisje een droom, solo rond de wereld.

Available in German; Laura Dekker Ein madchen ein traum, Solo um die welt.  

Available in English; Laura Dekker one girl one dream, The incredible story of the youngest ever solo circumnavigation of the world

Availeble in Polish;  Laura Dekker Marzenie pewnej dziewczyny. Samotny rejs dookoła świata








Presentations; You like a presentation at your yacht club or any other event or conference?

I give them in English, Dutch or German, with lots off pictures and film from my journey.



Notice to all:

The Zeilmeisje Laura Dekker Facebook is NOT me, official or in anyway controlled by me.

My Facebook account is @lauradekkercalloftheocean

Laura Dekker



2016 interview (english) 


 Heli Photo,s from Guppy


Film: Top stories (german)

Film 1:  Finish Sintmaarten 

Film 2:  Interview Newzealand 

Film 3:  Arriving Newzealand

Film 4:  Arriving Newzealand  



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